Minister's Certificate

This undergraduate certificate is our entry-level degree. It offers the new student basic information on the bible and what to expect as a new Christian.  A student with this degree will be able to pursue and dig into the deeper meaning of God.

Associate Degree in Theology

The Associate's Degree in Theology introduces the student to the Theological and Evangelical portion of Christianity.  It offers the student deeper insights into the fundamental truths of the bible.  After completion (typically a two-year study), the student will be ready for a ministry license and will be able to function as a Youth Pastor, or similar position in any faith-based organization.

Bachelor Degrees

The bachelor degrees are awarded to students that have completed all the necessary requirements of their undergraduate program of study.  After completion, the student will have advanced knowledge of biblical truths and will be able to perform in a variety of religious and secular positions.  He/she will have the godly knowledge to assist the employer to ensure that integrity and righteousness is brought to the forefront of their organization.

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