Degree Programs

LoSoT offers Undergraduate & Graduate Studies

LoSoT offers different majors of study. The programs center upon a strong and diverse core curriculum, including exposition of Key Bible Books, surveys of the Bible, study of key doctrines, and study of practical ministry skills. The major course for each program are specifically designed to train students in their area of study, and the emphasis of each program can differ substantially from other programs. With over 19 years of proven success, the LoSoT program has become one of the mos t well-respected programs of study in distance education today.

Certificate Program 

Minister's Certificate

Associate Program

Associate Degree in Theology

Bachelor's Programs

Bachelor's Degree in Theology

Bachelor's Degree in Christian Education

Bachelor's of Ministry Study

Bachelor's in Christian Counseling

Master's Programs

Master's Degree in Theology

Doctorate Programs

Doctorate Degree in Theology

Doctorate Degree in Ministry

Doctorate Degree in Divinity

Doctorate of Clinical Christian Counseling

Doctorate of Theology Philosophy

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