Master's Degree in Theology

This graduate degree is designed to equip the student with a variety of leadership skills, and biblical and theological understanding, so one can serve in a variety of ministries, such as Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Associate Pastor, Pastoral Counseling, Missionary, Chaplain, a Theological Educator or a Staff worker at a Faith Base Organization.

Doctorate Degree in Theology

This graduate degree gives the student an advance knowledge of Theology which is the study of God.  After completing a 3 to 4 year program, he/she has completely studied the bible and has an advance knowledge of God, His Word, His Principles, and His Guidelines.  He must also complete a (50) page Thesis. 

This student has studied to show himself approved unto God and is now ready to divide the truth of the Word of God without and prejudice.  The student is now ready to Pastor a church, offer Pastoral Counseling and lead a ministry Big or Small.

Doctorate Degree in Ministry

Description Coming Soon. 

Doctorate Degree in Divinity

This graduate degree requires the same course requirement as a Doctorate in Theology accept this degree requires additional year of study in the area of Compassion and Care-giving.  To receive this degree a student must also complete a (50) page Thesis.

Doctorate of Clinical Christian Counseling

Description Coming Soon. 

Doctorate of Theology Philosophy

A Ph.D. is the highest degree that can be offered by a university.  It is offered to students that have completed all the necessary requirements to graduate. As an earned research degree the student is typically required to complete a 50 (fifty) page Thesis or dissertation that expands the boundaries of knowledge that they have studied. This degree signifies that the student has studied all the necessary requirement to operate as a philosopher in the field that he/she has studied.  With this degree, the student qualifies for a variety of jobs and/or positions in the faith-based community.

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