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Welcome to The Lord’s Outreach School of Theology (LoSoT). I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m excited about your decision to enroll in our fast growing school & I’m looking forward to a happy, productive and blessed school year.

You are joining at the right time! The student body is equipped to build life-long relationships and large enough to impart a passion in students to become world-changers for the kingdom of God; equipped to fight spiritual terror.

Our school is prepared to travel to you. We host locations around the United States and abroad. 

My special prayer to God is that you fall deeply in love with Christ Jesus and His Word more than you did yesterday and that the love of Christ will permeate in everything you do. We also ask that our students pray daily for the school and their instructors. For more information about The Lord's Outreach School of Theology, please contact Dr. Russell J. Benoit at (337) 249-3144. 

Your servant in Christ,
Russell J. Benoit, Th.D., Ccc


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Dr. Warren Richard

I am a graduate of Losot with four degrees including a Ph.D.  I am the Chancellor of the Nehemiah School of Theology Under the direction of Dr. Russell Benoit.  


I and my students have been attending this school for the past 6 years.  We have learned so much from this school and from the teaching that we have received.

Because of the preparation that my students received from this school, many of them have gone on to become Senior Pastors of Churches.


Dr. Benoit not only teaches classes online but he will travel to your location and teach your students.  This is a real blessing because it makes it possible for my students to receive a quality education without leaving home.  Losot is a spirit-filled organization and I highly recommend this school.

Catherine Nelson, Pastor

I am the former Chancellor and Graduate of LoSot @ FWB under the direction of Dr. Russell Benoit.  Both my husband Pastor Ronald Nelson are graduates of LoSot.  He has obtain a Doctorate Degree in Theology and I have Obtain a Doctorate in Philosophy.  

We have been truly bless to have the opportunity to learn good sound biblical principles from this school.  What was good about it was that we did not have to leave Florida to get our education, the school came to us.  This was a blessing to us.


We are currently using some of the materials that we have learned in our ministry.  LoSot is an Accredited School and we are so glad that we attended.  May the Lord Continue to bless this School.

Dr. Harvey L. Bowden

I am a proud Graduate and Alumni of LoSot since 2015.  I have obtained four Degrees from LoSot:


A Masters Degree in Theology 

A Doctorate Degree in Theology 

A Doctorate Degree in Divinity 

A Doctorate Degree in Philosophy (Ph.D.)


I have learned so much from our teacher and chancellor Dr. Benoit.  He has a way of making the scriptures come alive when he teaches.  I would strongly recommend this Bible institution to anyone looking to further their Christian Education.

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LoSot 2013 Graduation

Class of 2013 Graduation