The Lord's Outreach School of Theology
"Where The Word of God Comes Alive"
(Here We Train Our Students To Fight Spiritual Terror)
                       "We Are Preparing Our Ministers To Fight Spiritual Terror"


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Greetings From Our President

Dr. Russell J. Benoit, Th.D. Ccc

Dear Prospective Students:

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Welcome to The Lord’s Outreach International School of Theology.  I’m excited about your decision to enroll in our fast growing school, & I’m looking forward to a happy, productive and blessed school year.

LoSoT is a subsidiary of The Lord's Outreach Intl. Ministry Inc. It was founded in August 1998 by Dr. Russell J. Benoit.  The idea of a Christian School started when the Rev. Dr. Benoit wanted to introduce his Church members to a higher level of Christian education, which he himself had received in his ministry training.  He started his first classes in the form of a Bible Study.  After one year, it grew and later the students began to ask about having a formal graduation.  Well at that time the school was not Board Certified nor was it Accredited.  So to accommodate the student’s wishes, the school was allowed to graduate with another Christian Academy where they received credits for their work. 

In 1999 The Lord's Outreach School of Theology was Certified and Licensed by the State of Louisiana Board of Regency as an Independent Religious Institution and became a legal school.  In 2001 we became a Fully Accredited Member of (TAC) Transworld Accrediting Commission, who provides accreditation and insures that our school meets the utmost and professional Christian Education Monitoring. 

Truly the Lord is in this school because we are entering our 19th year and have graduated over 1,500 students, which includes 300 Pastors, 350 Evangelist, and 850 plus Minister with Doctorates, Masters, Bachelors, Associates or Ministers Degrees.  All graduates continued to be a blessing in their respective congregations and communities.  For that we give our Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ all the Glory.

You are joining at the right time because the student body is equipped enough to build life-long relationships and large enough to impart a passion in students to become world-changers for the kingdom of God, equipped to fight spiritual terror.

As an added incentive, our school is prepared to travel to you and host locations in the United States or Abroad with the promise of a certain amount of students.  Call our office for more information on this.

My Special Prayer to God is that You will fall deeply in love with Christ Jesus and His Word more than you did on yesterday.  And that the love of Christ will be permeating in everything you do.

LoSoT Students, should pray daily for your school and your instructors.

Every year our graduation will be held in June, the date and place may vary so we will be announced each year.  For more information contact:  Dr. Russell J. Benoit at (337) 249-3144. 


Your servant in Christ,

Russell J. Benoit, Th.D., Ccc

 "Study To Show Yourself Approved Unto God, A Workman Not Being Ashame, Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth", 2 Tim. 2:15